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Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD With its decision regulator contributes to the liberalization of the gas market, which will be crucial for the economic development and the whole market environment


The chairman of the regulator involved in the Round Table for diversification of gas suppliers

Bulgaria is still one of the last energy islands in Europe's gas and it exposes the country to serious risks in terms of its energy independence. This was stated by chairman of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD during a round table "Diversification of suppliers of natural gas in Bulgaria. Current opportunities for new international traders to enter in the local market and the possible obstacles ". The main purpose of the discussion is the discovery of practical options for Bulgarian industry to buy natural gas directly from suppliers. The event, hosted by the European Commission Representation in Sofia, was attended by managers of leading Bulgarian and foreign companies in the field of natural gas as: GDF Suez, OMV Petrom, Cheniere, Total E&P Bulgaria BV, Nobel Clean Fuels Ltd., DEPA S.A, White&Case, Bulgargaz, Bulgartransgaz.

The presence of only one supplier, the lack of reversible connections with the neighborhood countries and the lack of significant domestic production are the main problems in the field of natural gas, said in his presentation Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD- Chairman of EWRC. According to him, these three factors determine the lack of competition and security of supply of natural gas. In this respect it is necessary to diversify supplies by increasing domestic production and construction of gas interconnections. He notice that on 10 December this year will sign the final investment decision for the construction of the interconnector with Greece and mentioned as a priority increasing the capacity of gas storage in Chiren and the expansion of our gas transmission system.

Alongside with national legislation among the acts of the EU, which are crucial to the liberalization of the gas market Assoc. Prof. Ivanov PhD highlighted Gas Directive and regulations relating to the conditions for access to the gas network and the establishment of network codes for allocation of capacity. As other important elements of the European regulatory framework in the natural gas sector, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD, pointed and the regulations network code for balancing, the gas transmission networks, as well as for the energy wholesale market integrity and transparency - REMIT.

Turning to the role and functions of the regulator in the field of natural gas, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Ivanov stressed that guiding principles of regulatory decisions are: compliance with legal rules, consideration of objective market factors and the protection of the public interest. As a main goal he outlined the promotion of market liberalization, in strict compliance with national and European legislation. The changes currently being prepared by the regulator, aimed at establishing a free and non-discriminatory access to the gas network and facilities for traders and suppliers of natural gas, said Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD.

"With its decisions based on clear rules and procedures, the regulator contributes, through gradual changes to achieve the liberalization of the domestic gas market, which will be crucial for the development of the Bulgarian economy and the whole market environment", said in conclusion Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD.