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Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD Chairman of EWRC was attended in annual regional forum "NATURAL GAS - INFRASTRUCTURE, MARKETS AND SERVICES"


“The diversification of gas supplies is a key issue for Bulgaria, because in this way our country will achieve its main objectives - security of supply, energy independence, and real competition in terms of operating gas market." This was stated by chairman of EWRC Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD in his presentation of ongoing Annual regional forum "Natural Gas: infrastructure, markets and services", organized by the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers.

According to him, the achievement of these goals is possible through the construction of additional gas infrastructure and modernization of the existing gas routes in the country, on the one hand, and the other - through the provision of alternative sources of supply of natural gas.

Construction of the vertical natural gas Corridor will increase the energy security of the region and therefore the planned gas interconnections between Bulgaria and neighboring countries become crucial, said Assoc. Prof. Ivanov PhD. In this regard, he particularly highlighted the role of interconnectors with Greece and Romania as a instrument to reduce the current dependence on gas supply from one source only.

In his presentation on the role and functions of the Regulator, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD review the existing regulatory framework in the field of energy, stressing that the commission's decisions are based entirely on compliance with the legal rules and objective market factors. "Society benefits from the regulator, which performs its functions in terms of independence from political and financial factors. Only in this way he will be able to adequately protect the public interest and its decisions will contribute to the economic development of the entire market environment," said In conclusion Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD.