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The training is part of the new priorities of the Association for regulation in the water sector.

With the participation of representatives from 9 countries, today in the Bulgarian capital was held the 3rd annual seminar of ERRA / Regional Association of Energy Regulators / dedicated to the regulation of water resources. Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulator is a founding member of ERRA, which was established in 1999 by the authorities for regulation of energy in 12 countries.

Nowadays there are 23 actual and 14 associate members.

The Association unites independent bodies for regulation of energy sector in Central Europe, Eurasia and associate members from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. In recent years, the organization focuses its activities on improving the regulatory framework not only in the energy sector but also in terms of water supply and sewerage services.

EWRC, which hosts the annual seminar was presented by members of the regulator Ms. Svetla Todorova and Mr. Valentin Petkov.

"The Commission for Energy and Water Regulatory Commission actively support all activities of ERRA, aimed at improving cooperation and exchange of information and best practices between member states of the Association," said Ms. Svetla Todorova when opened the seminar. She stressed the importance of regulation in the water sector for the countries’ economy and for consumers and expressed confidence that such forums enable improvement of the regulatory process, increasing the effectiveness of the methods and procedures of regulation. Bulgaria started the process of regulation of the water sector in 2005 and now the government conducts an extensive program of restructuring of the sector, said Ms. Todorova. The regulator faces the challenge to develop the necessary changes in the field of regulation, to improve quality of services and bringing their prices in accordance with market conditions.

Forum participants - representatives of various regulators was exchanged information about current practices and procedures applied at national level. Topics discussed were the methodology for setting prices and losses in water supply network; market structure and patterns of water operators; principles, methodology and procedures in the water sector. Experts from EWRC introduced the practice of Bulgarian regulator of the filed of quality of service and pricing model in the water sector.