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Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD "The regulator efforts are aimed at creating a stable and predictable energy market in Bulgaria"


Chairman of the Bulgarian regulator participates in the Annual regional forum on the prospects of the Bulgarian electricity market.

"Adopted by EWRC changes in rules for electricity trading are important factors for the successful launch and operation of the Bulgarian electricity market. In this way Bulgaria will become a regular player in the European energy market, because electricity prices will be determined in terms of competition, transparency and market basis, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the EU for the sector. " It stressed in his speech the chairman of the regulator Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD told participants in the Annual Energy Forum "Electricity market infrastructure and services“. The event is an initiative of the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers, with the support of the Ministry of Energy. Presentations on various aspects of the boot in our energy market were presented by Bulgarian independent energy exchange, ESO, leading companies in the energy sector and experts.

With the adoption of the changes in rules for electricity trading, the Bulgarian regulator has fulfilled its commitment to promptly establish the necessary regulatory framework for starting exchange trading and creating a stable and predictable energy market, said Assoc. Prof. Ivan Ivanov PhD. He pointed out that most of the suggestions made by stakeholders during the public discussion of the rules were adopted by the regulator and are enshrined in their final version. With the adoption of rules IBEX is now able to fulfill its plans to begin from November 16 this year registration of market participants in the energy market and carry out tests before its actual launch on December 8 this year. Due to the great importance of the normative act for the successful launch of the Energy Exchange EWRC has made representations to be publish priority in the "State Gazette", said Assoc. Ivanov. Turning to the results of the overall work of the new Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, Assoc. Ivan Ivanov PhD.. Turning to the results of the overall work of the new Commission for the Energy and Water Regulation, Assoc.Prof.Ivan Ivanov PhD stressed that it was founded on the principles of transparency, legality, sustainability and compliance solutions to the market logic. The purpose of the commission is to create conditions for the financial recovery of the Bulgarian energy and to solve the accumulated problems in the sector, said Ivan Ivanov. He informed the participants in the event that only by pricing decisions to restrict the purchase of energy produced in a highly efficient manner from CHP, NEK has reduced the cost of her from 650 million Lv. - to 480 million lv.

Chairman of EWRC expressed hope that the agreement with the two American plants will be successfully finalized, resulting in the public service will save a further 97 million Lv. annually by reducing the cost of availability, which will also reduce the tariff deficit. The launch of the liberalization of the energy market will require changes in the legislation and EWRC will ready immediately and fully to transpose into secondary legislation within its competence through changes in regulations, methodology and other acts, said the chairman of EWRC to the participants in the Annual Regional Forum.